What is S.E.O
What is S.E.O

What is S.E.O?

Quite simply, this is how Google and other search engines weigh up your site for rankings (search engine results page or SERP): Relevancy, popularity and age.

So what are these things and how does Google measure them? Let’s start with Relevancy. This is basically your sites content, and how well optimised it is for Google to be able to read it (index it).

The more high quality and unique content the better. The better optimised the site is, the easier and quicker Google can decide how relevant it is. All of this is onsite. Everything that is actually inside your site.

So now let’s take a look at popularity

This is simply the quality and amount of back links you have on other websites that point towards your pages or site. Think of them as votes that Google can count and weigh up to see how popular and meaningful your site is. Without any links your site will undoubtably not rank well, however, having too many bad links will also ensure this same result. Links can vary massively and there are many do’s and don’ts and we will look at them in more detail here. This can be generally termed as offsite

So what about age?

Well, age differs to relevancy and popularity as unlike these two previous criteria, age cannot be faked. So what does age mean to Google? In short, age equals trust. The longer a website has been around and being about the same thing the more Google thinks it is important. That is not to say that age alone is enough, but it certainly helps.

Black Hat and White Hat

There are also two different types of SEO, black hat (cheating and manipulative) and white hat (natural and organic). As in life, cheating can sometimes work, but Google is smart, and your cheating past can catch up with you at any time just like Police in real life. So there is obviously only one approach to use. How do I know or tell the difference? Well, trust and transparency on the part of your SEO company is one, but the other is just simply doing too much of any one thing like making way too many links in the wrong places.


SEO as a service to businesses really equals only one thing, and that is relevant traffic (hits) to your site. If you are ranking well and for the most relevant key terms for what you do then your traffic will be higher. Your site and it’s quality will then generate an enquiry, and you as a business should then convert as many of these enquiries into sales (CRO or conversion rate optimisation).

This then in turn generates revenue for your business and offsetting this against the cost calculates your ROI (return on investment).

These new customers will hopefully then become “promoters” for your services, referring friends and other people as well as coming back to you long term. SEO is measurable too, relevant traffic plus conversion rate equals return on your investment (the cost of SEO). Most sites operate at a conversion rate of about 1% to 3 % of their overall traffic which might seem low, but generally means a healthy profit and that your site is working well.

There are obviously many factors involved that will have an effect on this measurement, such as competition, the nature of your business and your ability to handle these enquiries etc.

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